Letting Your Mind Flow Freely


Too often we are strapped, tied down by what we want the way things to be. Too often we try to control things and organize everything that comes out. We try to micro-manage everything down to things we do every minute of our lives.

This is a recipe for disaster. Isn’t organization, isn’t managing things we need to do and all that sort very critical to success and improvement? It is true to an extent.

The assumption here of where we micro-manage everything is that we are capable of micro-managing everything, of which we are most likely not capable of. The assumption that we have full control of telling our mind to do something and our mind listening to this action. Disciplining yourself to do what you plan is another feat in itself and takes enormous amounts of practice.

Our minds are elusive in that if you try to force yourself to do something, it’ll resent you and trick you into doing something unplanned through our own brain’s rationalizing mechanism.

This is why you need to free flow at times. To let the mind do whatever it wants. Don’t judge…just let it be. Our minds need freedom. As we slave away each day, we need to keep the mind free and allow it some peace.

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