Getting Stuff Done

There are 2 types of people when it comes to getting work done: people who think too much and not enough action, and those don’t think at all but do take action.

People are usually on a spectrum when it comes to thinking too much and thinking not enough. The more analytical thinker tends to think a lot and try to figure out the optimal way of doing things. While this is great as it minimizes the amount of work and time that might be required to get certain things done, these type of people do tend to lie far on the side of thinking of the most perfect way of doing things which in turn causes them to take a lot less action than they should be. They get so caught up thinking about the easiest and fastest way of doing things, that they end up not doing any work. They slack off when the time comes to do the plan they set up, so then they end up creating a plan to do the make up work. This plan then gets delayed because it now required more work. The problem that these people have is that they don’t create the momentum and the actions required to get productive work. Some tasks are inherently more tedious, more challenging than others. Thus, you need some momentum to get these type of tasks to get done.

Then there comes the people who don’t think enough but do take action. Sad as it may seem, these people do end up getting further in life than those who are over thinking things. However, this difference is not much. These people tend to commit to action, but end up doing things in a very unproductive way. They end up doing the same tasks over and over again, never stopping to wonder why they aren’t making progress, or why the progress is extremely slow. The advantage that these people have over the people who think way too much is that, they gather momentum and they are actually taking action. The over-thinkers who think too much and not commit action, is the same as not trying at all, whereas the people who commit some sort of action at least have a small chance of getting lucky. They are doing productive work that may allow them to get lucky, though the chances are still small.

The obvious solution to this spectrum is like the good things in life, balance. You need a balance between thinking and action, to plan and take action.

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