How do you Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is rampant and everywhere. It makes us put off things and stops us from getting things done. It slows our progress and puts off our goals every time. How do we stop this epidemic of Procrastination from infecting us further? How do you stop Procrastination?

The first step is to not put so much pressure on yourself. If you are consistently procrastinating, you need to lessen all the pressure that you may put on yourself. Procrastination stems from many reasons.

There are 3 common reasons (could be a combination of them) why you procrastinate:

  1. One could be you are waiting for that “perfect” moment where the heavens align and the seas part for you to deal with some work you have been procrastinating on.
  2. Or you could be putting off because you hate some of the work you have to do and find ways to delay that.
  3. Or maybe even you are putting off work because you have so so much to do and you feel like anything you do won’t even make a dent in the amount of work you have to do.

A common but pretty general solution that works for all of these is that you need to put less pressure on yourself. There is no “perfect” moment to get things done, delaying makes your procrastination worse, and finally you have to focus on taking parts of the work you have ahead of you instead of trying to do all the work at once.

Let’s be more specific however. In the first situation, where you are waiting for the “perfect” moment, you must realize that waiting for the “perfect” moment only furthers your procrastination. The reason is that the “perfect” moment is now. That you get the work as soon as you have time to do so (and believe me, you probably do have time to do so but you rationalize to yourself that you won’t have time for it).

In the second situation, you find the work unpleasant and you are looking procrastinate by distracting yourself with other more interesting things. In this case, the answer is simple again. You have to just do the work now otherwise, it’ll become more unpleasant. Once you finish, then you can really enjoy yourself because you are finished with your work and have nothing that’ll delay you.

Finally, when you have so much work to do, that can cause procrastination. This is the most tricky case as this causes stress and can get a lot worse. In this case, you would need to focus on getting started as opposed to trying to finish everything. Why? The reason for your procrastination is that you see the amount of work you have left instead of actually paying attention to the work you are doing. Sure the work may be boring but if you focus on getting started, it lessens the burden and maybe you won’t not enjoy as it much as you thought you would.

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