How to Read Faster

Reading faster is not as difficult as it may sound and may not be completely related to how intelligent you are. It involves practice, a few techniques, and knowing what to do.

Here are some tips and techniques that can help out with reading faster:

  • Do not vocalize your words. When you read out loud or vocalize the words in your head using your throat, it will slow your reading abilities. Our mind can process words faster than you can read them so not vocalizing the words will help you to  increase your speed of reading.
  • Focusing on the important sections. Not all sections or passages of articles or books are created equal. Some sections can be particularly more dense with information, making it harder to comprehend and slowing the reading process down. By focusing on particular important sections such as ones that contain facts, it would be okay to slow down at these sections or even just running through the section a couple times so you can understand them better.
  • If you are reading too slow, try forcing yourself to read faster. Now this won’t work all the time but a good trick that you can do to make yourself read faster is by continually moving your eyes at a constant pace. Sometimes your mind gets stuck or fixated on trying to understand particular sections, trying to comprehend. However, what can lift you out of this problem is if you continually go to the next section. By doing so, it’ll snap your mind to work and force itself to comprehend better. Of course, do it with moderation because this can be overdone and you won’t be comprehending anything if you are moving too fast.
  • Track where you are while you are reading with something other than your eyes. Your eyes will tend to make sporadic movements and jump from different parts of the page. To make sure this doesn’t slow you down, you can of course use your finger to follow where you are reading or some kind of pointer to keep track. The sporadic eye movements can cause you to lose your momentum in focus and/or make you lose your place, using time to find your place again.
  • Getting immersed into what you are reading. For a lot of people with a lot of books, people tend to force themselves to read or try to just get through the book without optimal effort. They are focused on just trying to get through rather than immersing themselves in the material. You can, in a way, force yourself to really get into a book and enjoy it, allowing you to comprehend much much better. You can in essence buy into the book/article. Buying into, in other words, means to really let yourself believe and enjoy the material you are reading. You have to really be open to learning the material rather than be skeptical about what you are learning. By doing so, you can increase your reading speed significantly.
  • Practice, practice, and PRACTICE. Despite all the tips and techniques there may be to increase your reading speed, practicing your reading skills is probably by far the most important. Like any other skill, it takes time to really increase your reading speed. You have to actively place in effort to move your reading pace so that your reading speed increases. If you are putting minimal effort, all the tips of reading faster will not help. It’s only when you are actively trying to better your skill do you truly improve.

These are some tips and techniques to increase your reading speed. There are many things you can do but these are some general guidelines that can help.

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